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Do you seek peace in your hectic life?

Respite from stress or inner turmoil? 

Do you crave insight, self-awareness, improved health, fitness and energy?

Our Eastern healing arts are the solution for you!

What is Way of Water Arts?

Way of Water arts is a healing center focusing upon eastern disciplines and practices for natural healing from within- using the philosophical principles of the element of water.


Yoga classes for all skill levels. Teaching technique, flexibility and centering.


Explore meditative techniques specific to your needs, guided by the master's gentle healing direction.


Physical training, martial arts techniques, calisthenics and one on one individualized training.


Learn and engage in the pure technique of the original art, undiluted by western trends. Improve strength, agility, Peace, and focus.


A special practice with a focus on breathing and precision of movements. Exercising the lungs, heart and strengthening one's qi.


Spiritual healing in all forms; to diagnose and treat any disharmony you may suffer. Bringing peace and balance to your life through personal spiritual treatment. 

way of water arts is a lifestyle movement! please like our facebook page and join our group to discuss common interests and practices with other enthusiasts. 

In this hectic world, inner peace and centering is more important than ever.

Join Master Scott Krueger as he takes you on a journey of self-awareness and mindfulness. Push your body to its limits with his yoga and fitness classes. Find your balance with his guided meditations and spiritual healing. Improve focus and physical capabilities with his Qigong and Taiji classes.

Whether you are a new student, or advanced-there is something for everyone!

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