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The Lost Art of Sitting

It is safe to assume that mankind, or our progenitors have been sitting on the ground for the last couple million years. 2,000 years ago, furniture was reserved for royalty and the upper classes. In our present day, couches and recliners are the norm. Have we lost touch with the ability to sit upright while on the ground?

As a nurse, I have worked in orthopedics the last couple years. In this capacity it has become clear that in regards to surgery- back and knee procedures are most common. The problem today with recliners and couches is that it puts pressure on different areas of the spine. We tend to spend hours in this position and the spine has many joints, vertebrae, nerves and cartilage areas that can become compromised with improper body alignment. Eventually over time, the spine may misalign leading to back pain, pinched nerves or slipped disks.

Using philosophy and my life experience, I have come to the conclusion that many back problems today can be improved through the practice of sitting on the ground and or utilizing proper body alignment. Let gravity work for you by sitting cross legged, relax the legs, back and breath. Suspend the head top and the spine opens up. This allows the body to naturally heal and promote the original curve and design of the spine. With regular practice we can train our back muscles to become stronger through the practice of loosening.

Most chronic back issues did not arise overnight as it may have taken years to develop. Through regular practice and the guidance of an informed teacher, we aim to prevent the back from being injured in the first place. Let’s not lose our ability to sit and connect to the Earth’s energy the way our ancestors have for millions of moons.

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