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The Way of the Water

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Nature is a great teacher! Through the observation of water and it’s principles we can understand the philosophy of change and transformation. Water has many forms: liquid, solid (ice) and vapor (gas). It can transform to adapt and best serve its environment! In the presence of water, nature can thrive. Animals, trees, nature depends upon water for nourishment. While The universe goes about its way, water follows the path of least resistance. Water is the softest substance, yet most difficult to grasp. It is in the mutability and in it's lifegiving essense- that we can learn much about the universe and about ourselves as human beings.

As human beings we are composed of-

-body (earth)(outer),

-mind (heaven)(inner)

-& spirit (human) (neither outer or inner).

These 3 elements that make up “our” nature are never the same (nor do they “stay”the same).  How every being interprets these ideas or expresses them are so unique, we can not name every part (DNA). We can look at the whole noun a lot better than every fine detail (billions of DNA 🧬). We have found the genetic codes but much remains a mystery...the “unknown” will always exist beside the “known”!

And it is a beautiful thing, for this is where Spirituality forges the frontier into the previously unknown and creates understanding.

Change is always happening within us (genetics) and outside of us (environment, external influences)...we never stay the same.

How we deal with these inner and outer influences make up our lifestyle. When there is too much stress we can get sick; short and long term disease processes take hold. The longer our systems are uncalibrated, the more insidious and chronic the sickness is expressed. It becomes much more difficult over time to reverse the damage.

Way of Water Arts wants to help people channel their own healing power to combat and prevent disease and spiritual unrest. It starts with what we put into the world. For we are what we think we are. Our thoughts and ideas mirror our inner and outer processes. If we have bad/negative thoughts, bad ideas and actions will be expressed...vice versa, if we have good/positive beliefs, good intentions and achievements will spring forth! It is ok to have occasional bad thoughts (the mind can wander) and it’s ok, as long as we are not hurting others or ourselves, we should honor ourselves and our bodies and aim to “do no harm”. The great mysteries of life; the personal pursuits and existentialism. the path that each person walks.

What happens after death?

Why am i here?

How can I learn to love myself more?

How can i bring more peace to my life?

We have to accept that there are some things that we cannot know. Other answers escape us because we have not centered our Qi. Faith and self-awareness are the keys towards all knowing, all healing.

It is knowledge of this process of healing that I extend to you.

thank you, my friends.

-Scott Krueger

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