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The Wrong Way

When pondering the “wrong way” as related to life’s journey, there is much insight to be gained by applying philosophy principles. Even if we did not actually experience the negative effects of certain events firsthand, it is worth exploring. Through the wonderful art of philosophy, we can imagine what it might be like to go down the “wrong path” in life.      For some people who have lived through negative choices and suffered the consequences, there is hope based on Yin/Yang principles. Within the negative resides the positive! It is easier to integrate the “right path” (making healthy choices in life) when we understand exactly what the wrong path is and what it can lead to.      Even if we have made wrong choices in life or suffered at the hands of other’s unhealthy behaviors, through the study of knowledge (Philosophy) we can make wiser choices in life that guide us to our true path. The key to finding your true path resides in the acquisition of important life skills through experience and study.      Being honest with oneself and acknowledging our weak points/desires allows us to become pliant like water and follow the path of least resistance. Through true reflection and a genuine appreciation for life, dulling our sharp edges reduces conflict and illuminates our righteous path.

The Right path and the Wrong way

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